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About étoile

We love little luxuries. Oh, you know – the ones that make you sparkle on the inside and out. They can instantly transform the dullest of days and can make a special occasion even more fabulous. They’re your cozy cashmere scarf, that gold glitter clutch you nabbed on sale, and the bouquet of perfectly pink peonies that you bought for yourself just because.

For étoile founder Erin Farber, that little luxury is nail polish. Having lived in Europe for several years, she noticed that women tended to get fewer manicures than in her hometown of New York; but when they did, they treated them as something truly special – to be savored and never rushed.

This notion stuck with her and ultimately motivated her to create a nail polish line that would be inherently different than ordinary brands. Inspired by all of her close friends who were getting married and using their everyday polish for their big day, she wanted to create an alternative – something that would be fitting for a momentous occasion like a wedding. She decided to take chic polish colors and infuse them with genuine diamond dust – the perfect complement to the diamond ring. And so étoile was born!

Three questions for Erin

1. When did you first fall in love with beauty?
My grandmother was an Avon lady and the epitome of glamour and class to me as I was growing up. I loved peeking into her magical closet of samples and playing with all of the mini lipstick colors and scented hand creams. I would even help her every month to package up the orders for her clients – who knew I was merely practicing for my future career?!

2. What’s behind your brand name étoile new york?
My fiancé (also my business partner!) and I met in Paris when we were both graduate students. At that time, we were living on student budgets, so we spent many evenings just wandering the city streets – and would always take a moment to pause and look at the Eiffel Tower as it twinkled on the hour. When we were thinking about names that could capture the sparkle of the diamond dust in our polish, we thought back to where it all began for us and named it étoile – which means “star” in French.

We added “new york” to the name because we’re proud that our polish is made in the USA and created locally in the New York region. We work with one of the world’s top laboratories to develop our patented formula and stunning colors, as well as to source our special diamond dust.

3. Apart from nail polish, what beauty product do you not leave home without wearing?
Definitely mascara! Owning my own business means working long days and late nights. I feel like mascara helps me look just a little bit more awake in the morning. (Of course, that grande cappuccino doesn’t hurt either.)